Nehama  Lifshitz 

Vocal Competition

Nehama Lifshitz (1927 – 2017) was a world-renowned Yiddish singer, often called “the Jewish Nightingale”, whose professional career as a singer started in Lithuania – in Kaunas and Vilnius. She became highly popular and famous throughout the former Soviet Union and on tours in the West.

The aim of the competition To popularize Jewish music, to seek out its most talented performers and composers and to continue cooperating with them.  We aim at helping creative young people in this field to realize their potential and to communicate with peers the world over.

About the competition

The International Vocal Competition will take place on September 26 – 27 in 2021, Vilnius, Lithuania.
The competition is open to 7-20 years old vocalists from around the world.

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You can submit registration form until 01.09.2021

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