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Nechama Lifshitz (1927 – 2017) is a world-renowned Yiddish singer, also called as the Jewish Nightingale, its professional vocalist  career started in Lithuania – in Kaunas and Vilnius. She became famous throughout the Soviet Union and during tours in the West as well.In 1969 after repatriating to Israel, Nechama never forgot his native Lithuania and  Vilnius.

As soon as Lithuania declared its independence in 1990, Nechama immediately came to Vilnius to perform. After a long break of two decades, she greeted the large audience in Yiddish, Lithuanian and Russian with a vibrating voice and expressed the hope that what would happen on this land would never be forgotten. Nechama’s songs in different languages ​​revived the image of multicultural Lithuania that has formed over the centuries in the hearts and memories of those gathered.
            In recent years, Lithuania has made active efforts to revive the historical and cultural memory of the rich Jewish community that has lived here for centuries and its significant contribution to the development of the country’s culture and economy. Significant exhibitions were organized to mark the importance of Nechama Lifshitz legacy: The exhibition “Nechama” was opened at the Vilnius Gaon Museum of Jewish History. An exhibition “Melodies of My Father’s House” was organized at the Kaunas City History Museum. In this way, the international vocalist competition dedicated to the memory of Nechama Lifschitz  would become a significant continuity in the dissemination of the singer’s legacy in Lithuania. And the international nature of the competition would also respond to the growing need for cultural exchanges.

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