International Nehama Lifshitz Vocal Competition


1. About the competition

1.1. Nehama Lifshitz (1927 – 2017) was a world-renowned Yiddish singer, often called “the Jewish Nightingale”, whose professional career as a singer started in Lithuania – in Kaunas and Vilnius. She became highly popular and famous throughout the former Soviet Union and on tours in the West.
1.2. The competition will take place on 2023 September 17-18 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

2. The aim of the competition

2.1. To popularize Jewish music, to seek out its most talented performers and composers and to continue cooperating with them.
2.2. We aim at helping creative young people in this field to realize their potential and to communicate with peers the world over.

3. Participants

3.1. Singers-soloists from the age of 10 to 35 can participate in the competition.

3.2. The competition is held in the categories of classical and pop music.

Participants are divided into 5 age groups:

Classical music category

Group A 10 – 15 years old.
Group B 16 – 20 years old.
Group C 21 – 35 years old.

Pop music category

Group D 10 – 15 years old.
Group E 16 – 35 years old.

4. Repertoire

4.1. Participants in groups A, B, D, E perform 2 songs (works):

  • the first song is a Jewish song or song by a Jewish composer, or Jewish theme,
    the second is a work of free choice.

4.2. The total duration of both songs is no more than 8 minutes in groups A, B, D, E

4.3. Participants of group C perform 3 songs (works):

the first song is a Jewish song or song by a Jewish composer, or Jewish theme,
the second and the third is a work of free choice.

4.4. The total duration of all 3 songs in group C are no more than 15 min.

4.5. Participants can find Jewish songs here. Participants are welcome to choose songs from other sources too.

5. Language

5.1. Works can be performed in any language.
5.2. A special prize is awarded for the best performance of a Yiddish song in each group.
5.3. Consultations on Yiddish pronunciation will be published separately (for registered participants).

6. Performance

Classical music category

6.1. The performance of the songs is acoustic, performed live without sound amplification and without electronic musical instruments.
6.2. Soloist can be accompanied only by one acoustic musical instrument: piano, guitar, accordion, or others. He/she is free to use any musical instrument.
6.3. One song can be performed a cappella – without accompaniment.
6.4. Soloist can participate with his/her accompanist or ask the organizer for concertmaster free of charge for one rehearsal and participation in the competition. The cost of the additional rehearsal – 30 €.

Pop music category

6.5. The performance of the songs must be performed live with a half playback (minus phonogram), or soloists can be accompanied by one acoustic musical instrument.


6.6. The order of the participant’s songs depends on a choice of the participant.

7. Application and registration

7.1. The Registration form can be filled in online or downloaded from here.
7.2. Participants who arrive to the competition must sign the Registration form for participation in the competition and present an identity document.
7.3. The registration fee is EUR 30 for groups A, B, D, E participants and EUR 50 for group C participants. There is no refund for those who do not enter the competition.
7.4. The fee is non-refundable.
7.5. Applications are accepted until 2023. July 15.
7.6. The maximum number of participants in each group is 10.
7.7. The selection for the competition is based on the videos sent or based on the earliest sent correctly completed forms (according to the date).
7.8. The list of participants selected for the competition will be published by 2023. July 31.
7.9. The competition evaluation committee has the right to increase the number of participants in each group.

8. Evaluation of participants

8.1. In evaluating the performance of the participants, the Jury is guided by the following criteria:

  • musical, vocal literacy, purity, clarity, and professionalism.
    creativity of the performance.
    stage image.
    quality of performance and artistic level.

8.2. The performance of participants in age groups A, B, D, E is evaluated according to a twenty-point system, awarding from 1 to 10 points for each work.

8.3. The performance of the participants of age group C is evaluated according to the thirty point system, awarding from 1 to 10 points for each work.

8.4. Additional 1 point in each category one participant can be awarded by the chairman of the Jury.

9. Awards

9.1. Laureates (winners of 1-3 places) are awarded laureate diplomas and cash prizes or valuable gifts.

9.2. The winners of 4-6 places are awarded with diplomas.

9.3. Nominations:

  • In all groups – for the best performance of a Yiddish song.
    The best concertmaster of the competition.

9.4. The Jury has the right to:

  • award the first place to two participants. In this case, the second place is not awarded, and the prize money of the first and second place is combined and divided equally.
    award the second place to two participants. In this case, the third place is not awarded, and the prize money of the second and third places is combined and divided equally.
    award the third place to several participants. In this case, the prize money for third place is divided equally.
    no nomination or prize.

9.6. The decisions of the Jury are final and non-appealable.

9.7. Diplomas and prizes are awarded during the closing ceremony of the competition or sent to the participants by post.

10. Obligation of the winners

Obligation of all the winners and the winners of nominations and the special prizes is to take part in the ceremony at the Closing of the competition.

11. Accommodation and travel expenses

11.1. Participants cover their own and accompanying person’s travel and accommodation expenses.
11.2. The organizers can offer accommodation in Vilnius city in the guest house or in the hotel.

12. Visas

Participants who need visas to come to the Republic of Lithuanian must inform organizers before 1 of July 2023 by email

13. Consent of the participant

13.1. By completing the registration form participant agree that their personal information, such as name, photo, creative biography, and program may be published online, in the competition catalog, and in other sources. By completing the registration form participant agree that their performance is broadcasted online or/and TV.

143.2. The organizers of the competition ensure that the personal data of the participants are used only for the purposes of the competition.

13.3. Information about the Privacy Policy can be found at here.

14. Organizers

Public institution „Pro partners“;
Support Fund of Nehama Lifshitz International Vocal Competition.

15. Rights of organizers

The organizers have the exclusive right: To broadcast the competition on television channels and the Internet or give the right to do so to others;

  • To produce and distribute audio and video or other promotional material of all kinds.
    To use or allow others to use the promotional material provided by the participant.
    To dispose of records made during the competition free of charge.
    Not to pay royalties for the performances of participants.

16. Contacts

For general questions – Elijus Romanovas, competition director, +370 698 20711,

Rolandas Aidukas, coordinator + 370 67315956,

Information on the Internet –

17. Payment details

Name: Tarptautinio Nechamos Lifsicaites vokalistu konkurso paramos fondas
Address: Vytauto g.25, LT-08119 Vilnius
Bank: AB SEB Bank
Swift:  CBVILT2X
IBAN: LT897044090100884848;

Purpose of payment: participant’s Name, Surname registration fee.